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Unmute curates unique soundtracks for your business

About Unmute

Unmute is a curation agency and a music streaming platform for business. We collaborate very closely with both brands and artists.
Our markets: retail, F&B and hospitality


We design soundtracks based on your brand identity, vision, audience, strategy and time of the day.
We then deploy it globally through our streaming platform.


We focus on indie and upcoming artists.
Our aim: to offer you a new global promotion channel.

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Unmute for Brands

Unmute curates taylormade soundtracks for your brand. We strongly believe that you are unique so the music played in your stores/venues should also be taylormade.
At Unmute, we work closely with brands to understand their DNA, vision, audience, markets and strategy. From there, our curation team will design your soundtracks.
Music plays a large role in:

Your Brand Identity

Is your store unique? Yes. What if now is was also sounding unique?

 Your Customer Experience

Studies show that most of the GenZ want the experience in store to be fun.
Start engaging consumers with the wider culture of the brand.

 Your Staff

A well designed and diverse soundtrack will ensure that your staff remains productive, in a good mood and focused.

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Unmute for Artists

We want your music!
At Unmute, we believe that our brands are unique, so you are.
Our aims for you:

  • have a new global promotion channel
  • gain new audience through the brands
  • have a dashboard so then you know who plays your tracks and where
  • earn money for your creations

You are important to us and we want you to be part of this adventure!

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Ready To Join Unmute

Get complete control over the music in your stores/venues

Play from an iPad in store

You can run Unmute on your own iPad if you have one or we will provide it

Easy handling for your staff

Plug and Play
We manage the playlists creation, you only have to press Play


We will schedule the music to suit different times of the day/week


You want to play a different soundtrack from next season onward, no problem
We will work on the design and once approved by you, we will deploy it instantly

We are always looking for new talents

If you are passionate about music, interested in working in a startup environment, excellent at curation, marketing, tech, business development, contact us now!

We are looking for people who share the same passion, fire and spirit for innovation

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